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Exhall Cedar's Infant School

Exhall Cedars Infant, Nursery & Preschool

Learning and Growing Together

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Exhall Cedar's Infant School

Exhall Cedars Infant Nursery & Preschool

Learning and Growing Together


Our Learning Improvement Plan 2023-2024

                         “Learning & Growing Together”                         

At Cedars we are FAB, we

    are Family                                         Achieve well                                 Believe in ourselves

             We value and celebrate our differences                      We become the very best version of ourselves                 We are highly motivated and resilient

DEMOCRACY: we all have a say                                                                    RULE OF LAW: We have fair rules in our school and community    

INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY: We can make our own choices                              MUTUAL RESPECT: We learn about and respect each other’s differences.


At Exhall Cedars we are committed to positively transforming the achievement, education, skill levels and progression of our children, so that they achieve their full potential as citizens, leaders and employees in a rapidly changing world.

Our children are provided with a broad and balanced curriculum that is enhanced by a vast range of activities in and outside the classroom.


Our Learning Improvement Plan for 2023-2024


This year the adults are going to concentrate on:

  • Giving you access to high-quality outdoor play and learning experiences, so that you become resilient, self-regulating and cooperative pupils who are ready to learn. 
  • Continue to develop our curriculum to embed our new values and reading, so that you will love being in the lesson and the teachers will love teaching it!
  • Helping your Parents and Carers to support you in your learning at home and to get you into school every day when you are well enough to be. 
  • Planning in some more exciting extra-curricular opportunities that you might not usually experience at home.



As pupils at Cedars you will:


  • Attend school whenever you are well enough to do so.
  • Be fluent in reading when you leave Cedars.
  • Reflect our school values all the time.
  • Be proud of the town and area that you are from. 
  • Have Parents/ Carers who can confidently and competently support your learning at home. 
  • Have a smooth transition between the Infant and the Junior Schools.