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It is important that children are kept safe when using the internet. This website is very helpful for children to learn to use their computer safety Help your child to use their PC safely and if they feel confused or scared when using the computer, you can click on Hector (or one of his friends) to cover the page while you get some help.


There is plenty of help for parents to keep abreast of what your children are doing on the computer.


Do you ever ask yourself these questions:

What is my child doing online?

How do I talk to my child about what they are doing online?

What risks might my child face?

What tools are there to help me to keep my child safe?


This website is very helpful to parents in keeping your children safe on their computer. 


Parents guide to recording Images of children in school


Parents and carers MUST:


  • Use photographs and videos taken at a school event for their own personal use only.  Such photos and videos must not be sold and must not be put on the web/internet.  To do so would likely break Data Protection legislation.
  • Follow guidance from staff as to when photography and videoing is permitted and where to stand in order to minimise disruption to the activity.
  • NOT photograph or video children changing for performances or events.
  • NOT upload pictures of other peoples children onto social networking websites.


If you are accompanied or represented by people that school staff do not recognise they may need to check who they are, if they are using a camera or video recorder.


Remember the rules applying to images taken also apply to mobile phones.  Pictures are for personal use ONLY.



Did you know that Facebook is prohibited for use by children under the age of 13 years. This is due to Data Protection Laws.


In a bid to help protect your children please do not open Facebook accounts for your children. Did you know that even as ‘a friend’ on Facebook you do not get to see/monitor all their on-line activity (also all images posted on Fb become the property of Fb).  If school are aware of any underage accounts then we will be contacting Facebook to delete that account.


Please log into to see how Smartie the Penguin can help to keep your child safe at home when using the internet.