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Learning and Growing Together

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Exhall Cedar's Infant School

Exhall Cedars Infant Nursery & Preschool

Learning and Growing Together



At Exhall Cedars, our intention is for all children to be critical mathematical thinkers, to ensure children become fluent, reason mathematically and solve problems. (National Curriculum). We aim to support children in achieving economic well-being by equipping them with a range of rich computational skills delivered, not only through a Mastery curriculum but also through enjoyment and resilience. Our school mascot ‘Captain Conjecture’ and the careful lesson design allows all children to explore, investigate and predict. This is promoted through using the 5 big ideas of Mastery, all of which are underpinned and weaved through each and every lesson. (National Centre for Excellence in the teaching of Mathematics-NCETM)

We follow the White Rose scheme of learning  from Reception through to year 2 and compliment this scheme with resources and materials directly from the NCETM. This allows most children, working within their own year group to complete all tasks and keep at the same pace of learning. This is done through enabling and enhancing teaching and learning to incorporate activities and experiences that work for each of our individual children. Pre-school and Nursery foster positive ideas and attitudes practically through using the EYFS development matters statements and exemplary information as well as using the NCETM Number blocks resources.  Nursery are also using the Master the Curriculum resources which aligns very well with White Rose. We believe that everyone can do maths and adopt a ‘can do’ attitude through our values of resilience, alongside our Growth Mindset.

Children are encouraged to explain and reason through using a shared Mathematical vocabulary which is progressive. The Mathematics Calculation policy also outlines how children can use a ConcretePictorial and an Abstract method to solve calculations, make links and fully understand the basic foundations of Addition and Subtraction and Multiplication and Division from the Early Years through to Year 2.

In addition to our Maths lessons, Reception and Years One and Two also deliver a Mastering Number programme, which is taught as an additional 10 -minute lesson, four times a week away from their maths lesson. It focuses on children to develop their number sense, subitising skills and composition of number. Children use concrete and pictorial representations as well as stem sentences to improve their confidence, mathematical vocabulary and mathematical thinking skills.