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Exhall Cedar's Infant School

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Learning and Growing Together


Break Times & Outdoor Learning Activities

New Play Equipment & Risk Benefit Activities!


As you may be aware we have recently purchased new equipment for the children to use at break times. 


Some of you enjoyed investigating the equipment with your children following our Mothers' Day assembly last term! 


So far we have introduced:- 

- Crates, planks and tyres for engineering and construction, collaboration and communication.

- Basket ball hoops for hand-eye and upper body coordination and turn-taking. 

- Football nets for team work and collaboration.

- Balance Bikes (& helmets) for central core strength and balance.  
- Skipping Ropes: group and individual for general physical coordination and special awareness.


We are gradually going to be adding more equipment to be used during break times, but also as part of the children's curriculum. 


Before any new equipment is added we hold a 'Play Risk Assembly' in school to discuss with the children any risks that the equipment could have and how we can ensure that these risks are limited as much as necessary. We recognise that children need to be able to take informed risks in order to fully participate in life experiences and ultimately keep themselves safe. 


The children are taught that it is okay to take risks, so long as the risk has been thought about beforehand and is as safe as necessary.

We have seen a greatly reduced number of accidents since we have introduced the new equipment.