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Exhall Cedar's Infant School

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Learning and Growing Together


New Playground Equipment - February 2023

The children were super excited last week to discover our brand new playground equipment ready to use at morning break and lunchtimes.

It included crates and planks for working collaboratively and creatively to engineer circuits and constructions. These rely on the children using good hand-eye coordination and communicating effectively to work together. They have created some amazing structures!
We also have new goal posts making it far easier for the goalie!! It also means the ball stays in play better! 
There are three new basketball nets, each set at a different height in order to support and challenge children according to their age, height and ability! They have shown real perseverance shooting baskets with these! 
On the fence are chalkboards and mirrors. They’ve had a great time playing noughts and crosses and practising their numbers and letters! 
Last but not least, there are also some extra long skipping ropes which allow a group of children to all jump the rope together. These have been really popular and the children have shown real resilience when they have found it tricky! 

As a result of the new equipment there have been far less incidents on the playground and it’s been great to see them all really engaging in a range of purposeful activities on the playground!