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Packed Lunches


We encourage all children to take a School Meal, however should your child prefer to bring along a packed lunch we have details of some practical ways you can  provide your child with a healthy, enjoyable lunch.


At Cedars we are committed to promoting a healthy balance and therefore all lunch boxes will be checked to ensure children are receiving a balanced, nutritional lunch each day. 


 Please note some items may be sent home uneaten with a slip if we do not feel they represent healthy eating (and replaced with an alternative from the school kitchen)

We would expect all lunchboxes to contain a healthy variety of food items.



Yes Please



No Thank you


Bread, wraps, pitta, crackers

Full size chocolate bars

Meat, egg, cheese or dairy alternative

High fat crisps



Salad/Veggie sticks

Fizzy/sugary drinks

Fruit/Dried Fruit

cherry toms/grapes must be cut in half


Yoghurt/Fromage frais – (Lower fat/Lower sugar)

Full size cookies

Drink – Sugar free (not fizzy)

Brioche buns

Low fat crisps – Baked not fried x 1 (under 100 calories)


Cake/Biscuit/Cereal Bar x 1 (under 100 calories)



For example we will accept Cake/Biscuit x 1  99 calories for 18.7 g bar

or biscuits like  80 calories for 21 g bag,   97 calories for 24.5g bar.  


Also acceptable are crisps such as  85 calories for a 16.5 g bag

or  89 calories in a 17 g bag.


For more help and information please visit where you can find great lunchbox ideas and advice on healthy eating for both you and your children.



Encourage your child to have a FREE school meal and save £500 per year!      


Food Standards


Please click on the below link to view guidance on food standards in England: