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Learning and Growing Together



WE LOVE CEDARS and we believe that it’s a truly wonderful place for children to begin their educational journey!!


Don’t  just take our word for it! 
Please take a moment to read just a few of the many, many positive comments that parents and visitors have said about our school!

Our Testimonials from visitors to school can also be found in our Office Reception Area 

May 2024, Email from Mr and Mrs Royden who were visitors at the Coventry Cathedral at the same time as our KS1 children were there for their trip. 


Dear Mrs Hillyard

We wanted to write to congratulate the children and staff who were visiting Coventry Cathedral this afternoon, Monday 13 May.
We were visiting the cathedral at the same time and came across the children and their staff at several points in the cathedral. At all times, the children were polite, respectful and doing their best to learn about the parts of the cathedral in they were in. The staff were positive, encouraging and engaged the children.
We did say to one of the members of staff how wonderfully the children behaved but we also wanted to let you know so you could be even more proud of the children in your school.
As a former teacher and retired headteacher, I know and appreciate the hard work undertaken for a school trip to take place, so please pass on our thanks and best wishes to your staff and children.

Kind regards

Corinne and Charles Royden

January 2024: Learning Improvement Partner Visit 


RE Lesson Observation:

"Throughout the session, there was a calm atmosphere and children’s learning behaviours were very good. There was no disruption to learning and pupils remained on task, showing respect for others. Reference to previous learning (including from the previous academic year) was made throughout the lesson. This was purposeful and helped the children actively recall their experiences and knowledge, and the key vocabulary relevant to the lesson. There was a real sense of partnership in learning between the children and the class."


Music Lesson Observation:

"Children demonstrated positive learning behaviours and expectations for behaviour and engagement were high. There was no evidence of pupil behaviour disrupting learning. The children engaged well in the school’s chosen music programme. They were confident to express themselves and showed an appreciation of the disco music played through their bodies."


January 2024; Feedback from our OPAL Coordinator, Rob Frankton


"I just wanted to say how heart warming Friday was.


The turnout was amazing and it appeared to go extremely well; let me know the feedback you get.


I am so impressed with the progress you have made in such a short time; it's no mean feat and the programme most certainly requires passionate, and motivated people...Exhall most certainly has that in you and your team!"

December 2023: Feedback from Co-Head Teacher of Race Leys Infant School, Jen Langtree


"I wanted to send a heartfelt thank you for letting me come over and see OPAL in action. 


Your children and staff were wonderful and were clearly thriving during playtime. They invited me into their play with such enthusiasm and wonderful manners. The impact of OPAL is clear to see. The children were engaged, active and loving their play. I saw some wonderful problem solving and interactions amongst the children of all ages. 


There were some absolute gems of kindness and resilience shown with the children from head-to-toe mud splats, to supporting a child with limited language to find wellies to be included in play. 


Your children were an absolute delight! I cannot wait to get started on our journey. 


Thank you also to Anna for discussing attendance with me so passionately. "

Feedback from Founder of Heads Up Limited following an environmental walk around school - November 2023


"It was so nice to see your school yesterday.

Many things blew me away, but in particular I thought the behaviour in the school, including behaviour for learning was superb!

Well done to you and the team for the wonderful school you have created!"

Feedback from our OPAL Mentor following a CPD Visit : Sept 2023


"Dear Exhall Cedars Infant,


I would just like to share how inspiring I found my recent visit to your school; it is positively noticeable that you have developed a warm, stimulating, and welcoming environment where all the children are evidently happy, cared for, and encouraged (by a fabulous staff team) to embark on a learning journey with resilience, passion, and confidence.


The children spoke with confidence and a love of their school experience(s).


I very much look forward to visiting again."


End of Year School Report- Parent Responses July 2023:

Year Two

"Fantastic report, very proud as always. Thanks to her teacher for being a fantastic teacher , she will be sad to leave you."


"Thank you! To all the teachers and school staff for being great models for all pupils. For his teacher being like a family member and helping them discover their potential in the learning process. 

What a great achievement! Us, as his parents, we couldn't ask for more."


"Very pleased with A's KS1 results, exceeding the level expected standard in nearly all subjects. Thank you for all the effort and patience in teaching."


"Thank you so much for all you have done and achieved with L this year. You will never know how grateful we are for the amazing difference you have made. L has grown so much as a person with you.

It's most important for me that L is happy at school and he has most definetely finally found his way at school, enjoying his learning and making friends.

Academically he has come so far from where he began this year.

Thank you again for everything and I hope L can continue to grow in Y3 into the student and person you have helped him become!"


"We would like to thank you for your invaluable contribution to my daughters learning and school experience this year.

R speaks very highly of her teacher , which is very leasing to hear. This is the ideal foundational experience for any childs academic future. My other daughter expressed similar sentiments.

Finally thank you for your time and effort with helping R throughout her time at Exhall Infants School."


"Just want to say that you have been a wonderful teacher and that D had really enjoyed being in your class and he will miss you very much. Thank you for everything you have done."


Year One:

"Thankyou for all the support you have given L, helping to bring him out of his shell."


"I am so happy for his progress. Thank you so so much teacher for everything."



"Thanks for such a wonderful feedback for N. I really got emotional by reading it. I have no words to thank you enough for your kindness & patience with N."


"Thank you for such a lovely and eye watering report for T. I am happy to see you got to enjoy his jokes too! I am also so proud of the progress T has made and his eager attitude towards learning. His teacher has given positive and encouraging start to Tylers academic journey-thankyou."


"Thank you for supporting R in achieving all his level of learning. Thankyou for all the lovely teachers in Reception for your support."


"What a lovely school report this year. He has loved being in Reception and we have seen lots of positive changes in him. We would like to thank all the teachers for all their hard work and making G's time in reception such a happy and enjoyable one."


"Thanks so much for the last year. A loves it when you greet her with a hug in the morning, thanks so much."


"R really enjoyed her time at Nursery. She loves all her teachers and looked forward to spending time in school with her friends. Her behaviour the language and her accent has improved since joining Nursery and we are happy with her progress and we are happy that she will continue at Exhall Cedars."


"We are pleased to hear how D has improved over the year and the ways in which we can support his learning over the summer. Thankyou for helping D to progress in reception year."


"Thank you for supporting Z, nurturing her love of learning, recognising her strengths and helping her to grow in confidence."


Nursery / Preschool:

"Thank you for helping C become what she is today. I can't believe the difference in her from when she started till now.

Thankyou for all the encouragement you have gave her.

We can't thank you enough. She has enjoyed every moment of her time at Cedars.

Chas the best chance of shining thanks to yourselves.

Thank you."


"O's report is wonderful. Thank you so much, she has come on in leaps and bounds. I was so worried about her starting this journey but I couldn't be more proud of her so thank you again."


"This years report is lovely. We are so proud of E and how well she has settle din PS. She loves school and we have seen positive change sin her, with her attending school. Thank you to all her teachers for making her time in PS so enjoyable. "


"Thanks to all the staff in PS for looking after my energetic daughter I within the year at school, we have seen her personality come through. Also love how she is progressing through her speech."


"M has really improved in all areas since starting PS. Her English was close to zero when she started school and now she is attempting to say little  3/4 word sentences in English and counting up to 10. Thank you for all of the hard work."





Mid Year Report Response : Reception Parent

March 2023


R tells mum school is better in England than India.  Really proud of R and how quickly he is learning.  Mum is impressed with how we learn through play.

Mid Year Report Response : Year One Parent

March 2023


"Want to say thank you for all the support that L has received.  His bond with you has helped him progress immensely."

Mid Year Report Response : Nursery Parent

March 2023


"Everything is fine, M was scared first few weeks, but now he wants to go to nursery by himself.  He is waking up in the morning happy, because he know he will go here."

Mid Year Report Response : Nursery Parent

March 2023


"The nursery and all staff are very calm, kind and supportive in all roles and my son is thriving,  thank you."

Mid Year Report Response : Nursery Parent

March 2023


"A loves to come to school, he feels safe and excited to meet his friends.  He loves exciting activities and always shares what he was doing at home."

Mid Year Report Response : Nursery Parent

March 2023


"L is very happy to go to Nursery.  Every day he comes home and tells about the things they do, who he played with and all the staff and I'm very happy with his progression and teachers.  Thank you."

Mid Year Report Response : Nursery Parent

March 2023


"She is happy to come into school and has great things to talk about what happened in class at home."

Mid Year Report Response : Nursery Parent

March 2023


"A is happy being at school.  Every morning she is excited to go to school and meet with her colleagues.  I think she made a lot of progress since she started nursery."

Pre-School Parent

January 2023 

"I just wanted to email and thank everyone in pre-school that has been there to help C settle in. When he first started I was really nervous with how he would be after a bad experience with his last nursery, however to see him get excited to go nursery and tell me that he had a really good day and wants to go back has put my mind at ease. I appreciate all the effort that has been made to make C feel comfortable and allowing him to bring in his own toys has really helped him as they are like his comfort blanket. 

Thank you."


Gwyn Evans- Chair of Governing Board Jan 2023

Following the launch of our new Vison and Values


" I wanted to drop you a line to say how inspiring yesterday’s vision session was. I waited until it became live on the website!

The SLT came across as very passionate about what school is about. How committed they are to the vision and values and how supportive they are to the staff.


Proud to be a governor.


Thank you.


You must feel proud too."

Ann Johnson - Vice Chair of Governing Body - Jan 2023

Following the launch of our new Vision and Values


"I would like to say this to you and your staff!


The vision launch yesterday took my breath away, I have spent ages and ages wondering what it would be like and what the outcome would be.  I thought it might be something that I couldn't understand or go along with.  This happens sometimes in business launches!

I was delighted to see that everything that was covered in our vision was the things you all do every day, without realising it.   When I come into school, I see how committed you all are to the welfare and happiness of the children.  They come first always.  I know how hard it is on you all to maintain this in difficult and challenging circumstances, but the overriding atmosphere is one of commitment to all the children. I see it everywhere I go in school, playground, lunchtime,  moving around the school, in the classrooms.  You all work so hard and I applaud you for it. 

We now have what we all stand for laid out clearly, and it is so lovely to be part of it. 


Thank you so much"

Ian Lowe : School Support employed through LA

January 2023 


“It was genuinely wonderful to see you and your school this afternoon.” 

Kathy Green : Coventry Adult Education Service- Visiting student.
January 2023


"What a lovely visit!

Everyone so friendly, including Teddy!

Loved seeing the children so engaged in their learning and settled in their classes.


Headteacher of Crick Primary School: Emma Staniforth

November 2022


" I had a wonderful time looking around Exhall Cedars Infant School. Upon arrival to the school, I could sense there was a calm and welcoming environment from both adults and pupils. On my tour of the school, I was able to visit every class where it was clear that consistent behaviour approaches and expectations were being used effectively across all classes. The pupils and staff were all extremely welcoming and, in all classrooms, there was a calm learning environment, were I saw excellent behaviour for learning. It was evident that pupils were clear on behaviour expectations and all were setting a good example to their peers. The pupils took pride in welcoming me to their school and there was a real sense of community, as I walked through the school.

Thank you for a wonderful and welcoming visit."

Road Safety Session for Reception children : Louise Newnam:

November 2022


" I was very impressed with the behaviour and learning in Reception's Road Safety session. They were a credit to your school!"

Mental Health Audit Team - Phoebe

November 2022


" It was lovely to be greeted with a smile and waves from students and staff during the MHST Audit today!"

End of Year Report Response : Year Two Parent

July 2022


"What lovely words you have said. Credit is due to Exhall Cedars as A is very reactive to those around her. At Exhall Cedars she has had enthusiastic and motivational teachers that have helped to bring out the best in her!

I am very grateful for her time at Cedars and I know she will miss everyone.


End of Year Report Response : Year Two Parent

July 2022


"We are super proud of how far K has come.

He has really enjoyed year 2 and thinks the world of his teacher.

Thank you to everyone!"

End of Year Report Response : Year One Parent

July 2022


" We are beyond proud of how hard J has worked this year and are very grateful to his teacher for all the support she has given him."

End of Year Report Response : Year 2 Parent

July 2022


"We are so pleased with G's report. She has come on so much this year and we know this is because of the support and encouragement of his teacher. Thank you so much to all the staff in the school who have always made G welcome and feel less anxious. G will miss everyone so much next year bt thanks to all the hard work and dedication from the staff at this school we know she will do well and manage this transition with ease.

Thank you to all the staff from G, she says "You have made learning fun""

Prospective Nursery Parent 

July 2022


"Excellent visit. Very friendly staff. Was lovely to be shown around by the Head Teacher. Thank you."

End of Year Report Response : Year Two Parent

July 2022


"I have read the report sent home and I am very pleased with what the school and his teacher have done to move J forward and this shows in his results for his Key Stage SATs. J has been attending Exhall Cedars since he was 1 years old. Throughout his journey there, I am pleased with his overall development. I would like to thank the school and all staff that have been involved with J since he was 1 years old! ! Education is not the easiest of professions and I will be forever grateful for all the support and encouragement he has received. Have a fab summer!"

End of Year Report Response : Year One Parent

July 2022


" Wow what a lovely report.

D has definitely grown in confidence this year and is now more of a 'I can do' or 'I will try; child.

Thank you for all of the support and guidance you have given D over the last year."

End of Year Report Response : Year One Parent (EAL)

July 2022


“WOW! What a wonderful report he has achieved! Thanks to all the staff at Cedars, my lovely son overcomed himself.

We (Daddy, Mummy, Grandma & Grandpa) will always be grateful for the chance he was given to show his potential. He was blessed with an amazing teachers who found the way to teach him and helped him grown and shine.

A loved going to school every day because you belived in him and his progress is also due to your commitment and your love.

Thank you! Forever!” 

Family Learning Team: Katherine

June 2022


"I always love visiting Cedars! Warm welcome and a really proactive and positive approach that lets you know that every family is cared for."

Vision Screening Team 

June 2022


" Lovely welcome, excellent organisation of classes and very helpful teachers. Lovely school & I will look forward to visiting next year!"

HeadsUp School Improvement team: Sophie Bevan

May 2022


"What a gorgeous school!

Beautiful children, wonderful classrooms.

A Nurturing school." 

Nursery Parent End of Year Report

July 2021


"Reading B's report has made me smile as I feel he really has grown this last year the difference in him is amazing he really does love Nursery."

Nursery Parent End of Year Report

July 2021


"I really am so happy with K's report he really has done amazing this last year and absolutely loves nursery."

Reception Parent End of Year Report

July 2021


" The report is brilliant.

We as parents are so proud of  what is becoming of A and thank you as a school that your teaching has helped.


Nursery Parent End of Year Report

July 2021


"Thank you so much for your comment on E's development over the few weeks. She always comes home form Nursery happy and she tells us how much fun she had or new things that she learns there. I want to thank you for taking care of her, you really helped her to learn new and very interesting things."

Nursery Parent End of Year Report

July 2021


"I am very pleased with M's report and proud of the progress he has made in Nursery. He settled into Nursery better than I thought he would and handled the lockdowns really well.

I feel that he received a lot of support whilst unable to attend Nursery, via the live lessons and evidence Me, and as a result his learning and development was not compromised. I am especially proud of how much his confidence has grown and how well he has done with his writing and phonics. "

Jo Green- IDS Autism Team 

September 2020


"As soon as Mrs Iley opened the door to greet me I felt warmly welcomed. The walk through the school was a joy as the children looked happy and relaxed. The children I saw were quick to give me a smile as a welcome to their school." 

Author Visit: Andy Tooz

March 2020


"A really wonderful school with such passionate, caring teachers!"

Local Authority Specialist Teacher for Pupils at Risk of Exclusion : Sue Coombes

December 2019


"What an inspirational school!

Every child had a smile on their face. I would be out of a job if all schools were like this. Teddy is the extra bit of magic here. A wonderful setting for children to thrive. I was truly impressed with your whole ethos!"

Pre-school Parent

October 2019


"I just can't thank you enough!

E came to you at 10mths old. I can honestly say that he has loved every minute. The fact that he ran in smiling every time speaks volumes, and as his parents we cannot thank you enough for all your dedication."

Family Learning Service- Katrina

July 2019


"Big thanks to Shelley and all the staff for all their help in setting up and delivering a really successful workshop with the parents. We are always made to feel so welcome and everyone is always happy to help. It is lovely to come into a school where, from the Head down, everyone is committed to engaging with the families and celebrating with them.  

Look forward to more activities in the future."