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Exhall Cedar's Infant School

Exhall Cedars Infant, Nursery & Preschool

Learning and Growing Together

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Exhall Cedar's Infant School

Exhall Cedars Infant Nursery & Preschool

Learning and Growing Together


Infant School (Rec, Y1, Y2)

Exhall Cedars Infant School has provision for 180 pupils.  The children may be organised in a number of ways dependent upon cohorts. 
Children in Reception are currently taught in two discrete classes.

Children in Key Stage One are currently organised into one Y1 class, one Y2 class and one Mixed Y1/2 class. Children are carefully allocated to classes according to friendships, academic attainment and personality. 


The Infant School is composed of our Reception Unit, (aged 4-5yrs), where children continue to follow the EYFS Curriculum, and our Key Stage One classes (aged 5-7yrs) where they follow the Primary Curriculum 2014.


Within the classrooms, teachers assess and identify the current attainment of pupils and plan their learning based on what they already know and what they still need to know in order to achieve their end of Key Stage expectations. Teachers ensure that their methods of teaching suit the subject, and the needs of the children concerned.  Class teachers will assess the success of the children at the point of teaching in order to support all children through enhancing and enabling.  Flexible grouping, even within a lesson, ensures that teachers are meeting the needs of all children. 


The teachers of the same year group work very closely together and work is planned to ensure classes follow curriculum planning, ensuring progression and coverage of Knowledge and Skills.  

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s learning, progress or attainment, please do come and speak to the class teacher.


Sometimes a child may require a more personalised curriculum to meet their needs. Should your child require a Personal Education Plan (PEP) due to Special Educational Needs (SEND), this will be discussed with you.


If your child has significant SEND needs they will be referred, with the support of additional external professionals and parents, for an Educational Health Care Plan. This may result in a personalised curriculum designed specifically to meet your child’s needs.