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Learning and Growing Together


Reception Balance Bike Training – October 2021

Balance Bike Training for Reception Children to Improve Confidence, Spatial Awareness and Balancing Skills!


Our Reception children were lucky enough to take part in ‘Balance Bike Training’ in school during the Autumn term, led by a specialist company, Aspire Sports.
Due to the impact of Covid and isolation on our youngest children we decided to give them a fantastic opportunity that they may have missed out on this year at home!
Aspire have been delivering a first-class Balance Bike Training programme since 2009. The training is aimed at children in the Early Years Foundation Stage and was delivered to our children though a six-hour program over 4 days.
All participating schools, including Exhall Cedars, report that the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience, resulting in overall improvement in their confidence, spatial awareness and balancing skills.
This will now enable our children to start learning to ride a bike without stabilisers!

At the end of the programme, each child also gained a certificate of achievement and a passion for learning to ride a bicycle.


“There were no pedals. There were two tyres. I learnt to have fun.” – Sultan – Rose Class
“It was so fun, I really enjoyed it.” – Anmol – Rose Class
“I learnt to do the ‘M’ check!” – Brogan – Rose Class
“I enjoyed riding them I learnt riding and balancing.” Lily – Daffodil Class
“I loved riding the bikes, I had to grab the handle bars with two hands.” – Jayda – Daffodil Class
“I liked the balance bikes, I liked it when I went fast.” -Awesome – Daffodil Class